I offer face to face counselling and psychotherapy to individuals and couples. I offer a free 30 minute no obligation session where we can have a chance to talk briefly about what is going on for you, it is also a chance to see how we both feel about working together and for you to ask any questions you may have.

If we decide to continue together, during the first session I will carry out an initial assessment in which I will ask in more detail about what has brought you here at this time and also ask you some questions about your previous experiences. Sometimes when we are struggling with a problem in the present, it can be helpful to have a better understanding of our past so that we may recognise patterns and raise our conscious awareness, this can be very helpful in us recognising choices and being able to see ways forward.

I offer both long and short term therapy and together we can talk about which approach might be most helpful for you at this time. I work within an Integrative model which means I draw on each of the major theoretical perspectives of therapy. This enables me to be flexible in my approach and work with your needs as an individual. I also work closely with the therapeutic relationship; the relationship between the client and the therapist, as I believe this is a major component in the process of therapeutic change.

I see therapy as a collaborative approach between the client and therapist, it is not about being given advice, it is about being able to explore what is going on for you in a safe and confidential environment where you can be heard without being judged and begin to see things from new perspectives.

For more information on the different approaches to counselling and psychotherapy please visit:

My practice is based in Bournemouth and I offer daytime and evening appointments. My fees are £50 for individuals and £60 for couples. Some concessionary fees are available; please do not hesitate to ask about this.