About Mindfulness

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Learning about mindfulness and how to integrate it into our lives can help us to be more aware of the present moment rather than ruminating on the past or worrying about the future. In this way we may become aware of the difference between being on auto pilot and experiencing mindful awareness. This may help to reveal things that were previously unnoticed and therefore our experiences themselves may become very different.

Mindfulness based approaches are a culmination of eastern traditions (Buddhism) and western psychologies. Although mindfulness has its' roots in Buddhism, it is generally taught here in a secular way.

How can it help?

Mindfulness can be very effective in managing issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and pain. Incorporating mindfulness into daily life can help break negative cycles, improve relationships and build self-esteem. It can also help us to simply keep up with the demands of our busy lives in the modern world and generally raise our personal awareness. Mindfulness is increasingly being recognised as a way to generally improve both mental and physical health.

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